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Industrial Tourism in Shanghai

Shanghai Industrial Tourism Promotion Center was established in May 2005. It was approved by Shanghai Economic and Credit Commission. Shanghai Under the guidance of the Tourist Bureau, the first one in China registered with the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Societies cooperates with the government departments to promote the work.

Professional service institutions for industrial tourism development. The center maintained contact with nearly 200 leaders of industrial tourism attractions in Shanghai and even in the whole country, accumulated abundant experts and institutional resources, and created many "national first". For example, it compiled the first national industrial tourism development plan, formulated the first national industrial tourism local standard, compiled the first national industrial tourism annual ticket, and established the first national cross- regional industrial tourism. Joint organizations, etc.

In 2013, the center was successively awarded as "5A-level unit in the pilot project of standardization construction of private non- enterprise units in Shanghai" and "Shanghai Advanced Social Organization".

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Industrial Tourism in Shanghai
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